In the Gardens Vision and Mission

Vision and missionVision

Our vision at In the Gardens is that every individual has the know-how, resources and compassionate guidance needed to cultivate and grow fresh food for themselves, their loved ones and their community, regardless of economics.

Furthermore, our vision expands to our connections with one another, enhanced by the gardens’ deep capacity to feed and heal, as well as through the unique opportunity provided by mindfulness practice. Engaging in these activities we find deeper kindness and compassion for ourselves and extend this to others.

Mission What We Do-Vision Mission - 2

At In the Gardens our mission is to bring organic food production to you, starting with those in need and expanding to all communities. We bring gardens to your home, school, neighborhood, congregation or business, showing you how simple and joyful growing and harvesting food can be – as well as healthy! Across the generations, our mission is to inspire you as you discover the pleasure of harvesting your own bounty.

Simultaneously, our mission includes care for the soul as well as the body, offered through the multiplicity of techniques of mindfulness practice. In one-on-one sessions, in small groups, through communities or businesses, we will guide you to a practice that can provide greater centering, decreased stress, increased happiness, more fulfilling relationships, and greater empathy and compassion.

At In the Gardens we work with you, your family and your community to engage in the changing paradigm of the way we grow food as we change the paradigm of the way we relate to ourselves and to one another.

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