Women’s March in Chicago 2017

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Women’s March in Chicago 2017

I didn’t march in opposition. To anyone or anything. I didn’t march in rebellion. I didn’t march against this or that. I marched for.

I marched for unity. For a country that is “indivisible” as our Constitution says, a country “by the people and for the people.” I marched for those who have a voice, as well as those who don’t. I marched for equal pay for equal work. I marched for equal work opportunities for all, and equal education opportunities for all. I marched for our planet and its resources. I marched for marginalized people—people of color, of sexual or gender orientations other than heterosexual. I marched for my Latino brothers and sisters who are afraid that their families will be split up, and for my loving Muslim brothers and sisters who live with this same fear as well as others.

FamilyI marched as a mom, alongside my daughter—one of the proudest moments of my life—so that she and her children inherit a world where there is air clean enough to breathe and water clean enough to drink, with green things growing for beauty and for food, and with wild spaces and creatures to inspire our awe and appreciation. I marched for her and those younger than her to have affordable education and job opportunities that pay enough to live on and then some to build with. I marched for little children to grow up with love. I marched to show my solidarity with sisters all over this planet. And with brothers, too. I marched for unity.

Women's March, ChicagoI marched for the oneness that deep inside of us each person craves. I marched for safety on the streets and the ability to walk day and night outside without fear. I marched for the remembrance that we can stretch out our hands to others, joining them for greatness, remembering the simply yet profound truth that we can do anything when we do it together.

I marched for balance. For equity across class, socioeconomics, and geographical borders. I marched for our great country and for every soul that has ever felt distant or separated. I marched for peace.

I marched for me, I marched for you, I marched for us – for all of us. And what a great day of unification, brotherhood, sisterhood and love it was. Now, let’s take it forward.

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  1. When I see the numbers on all the marches it makes me wonder how the election ended up the way it did!

    • From where I sit it is less about the election results and more about us stepping up to care for one another, helping our country and world heal through our loving behaviors. May each of us come from our heart.

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